What an unfortunate typo when I first typed out this post subject! Does this mean I have officially accepted being 40? LOL So, yeah… Half-Birthdays and Stuff.


the week:
Wooooo, four-day work week (still up by 6am today though)! From last week feeling like it was the longest.week.ever.com to this one being a short (albeit, not-so-fun) one, I’m ready to put some of this sadness (and PMS) behind me, have a little relaxation, and do some good this weekend.

I’m getting a massage this morning and FINALLY have a hair appointment this afternoon. Yep, haven’t had my hair done since February when I lived in Pittsburgh, and this shit on my head is a hot mess.

Boyfriend and I are going to our first Iowa Wild hockey game tonight and dinner beforehand at Magnolia.

Saturday, I’m volunteering for the first time with Girls on the Run 5K as a Running Buddy. I’m so excited about this! I was looking to get involved with the organization before I left Pittsburgh, and so happy that I connected in time to participate in the fall race. Can’t wait to meet my Buddy!

And it’s back to Long Run Sundays (at least, for this weekend); I’m joining up with some Turkeys to do some trail running.

seven things, seven days:
1. Put my name in (and credit card info, eeek) for a chance at Chicago – so maybe-possibly, I be running two marathons in 2017?
2. I’m also officially registered for the Illinois Marathon I-Challenge (Half Marathon + 5K) — and running for BibRave!
3. And for your HOLY SHIT IOWA IS NOT COMPLETELY FLAT MOMENT: Check out the elevation/course map for my half marathon in December.
4. Why you can’t help but act your age — this is so fascinating!!! {via Nautilus}
5. Great post about meal plans (spoiler alert: they usually suck!), with some great suggestions on how to transform your meals for the better in small, achievable steps.
6. I feel better. {via Science of US}
7. One of my favorite topics to study in psychology (and focus of my senior research project in my undergrad) — BURNOUT (and how to beat it) {via HBR}

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