the week:
For real, the most exciting thing to happen this week was this enchilada casserole for dinner that we ate THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Pathetic, but my days are so much more relaxed when I work out in the mornings. I can almost say that waking up at 5am for 7 weeks of CrossFit has made me a morning person. Almost.

Oh em gee, I have a weekend off work (and then an extra two days). The boyfriend and I get to do fun things, like, discuss our 2014 home renovation projects, budget and furniture wants. And then I’m drinking rum-and-cider for the rest of my free minutes because we will probably definitely be arguing by the end of that.

Kidding. Mostly.

But on Monday, I get to take boyfriend for his pre-birthday surprise.

seven things, seven days:
1. Did I really just buy three separate items for holiday decorating? I did.
2. Oh, and then my boyfriend told me that he special ordered the live Christmas tree, so I guess we’re both feeling the spirit? We also figured out where we’re putting the tree this year. Note: not in the dining room.
3. My boyfriend commented that the new dining room layout looked “like a grownups dining room.” *swoon*
5. I used my chalk paint AGAIN — HATE the blue tape for edging. Each project the tape peels up big chunks of paint from the surface, resulting in multiple touch ups. So #dumb.
6. I unpacked boxes from our move two years ago… We have so much freaking glassware in storage, but I think I have a new idea for our collection.
7. And I must be in some kind of nesting phase because I just reorganized all the stuff in my kitchen cupboards (BUT IT’S SO MUCH BETTER!)

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  • themoderngal

    You’re ahead of me, and I LOVE Christmas 🙂

    On the painting tape: I’ve heard if you remove the tape before the paint dries, you’ll avoid the chipping and peeling. I haven’t actually tried it, though. If you’re painting along trim, have you tried the cutting in method? If you’ve got a patient hand, it works like a charm and saves the time of taping everything off. You going to share some photos of the finished work?

    • Mel

      I’ve tried removing it when wet, when almost-dry and when completely dry, and same story. It’s frustrating! Luckily, the three pieces I had to tape off, I could just overpaint and scrape off the excess; but it’s so annoying! (I don’t think I could ever cut in on our walls — it’s an old house; nothing is square! haha)