the week:
My surgery is this morning, and I’m unable to eat anything or have any coffee and OMG I AM GOING TO BE SO CRANKY IN A FEW HOURS! For those unaware, I’m having an intraductal papilloma removed from my right breast. I ran last night with our local Fleet Feet store, and the reduction in miles for the last couple weeks has returned a pretty good response in my body. My recovery time should only be a few days, and my “return to activity” directive is anything after that – if it feels good to do so.

I’ll be recovering from my surgery, so I see a lot of lazy ice cream-eating, roller derby binge-watching hours on the couch. And homework. AND GO BUCKS!

seven things, seven days:
2. Zipper-front sports bras are not a thing for A-cups. #tmyk
4. The Christmas lights got installed on our house. BEFORE HALLOWEEN.
5. Halloween didn’t bring out too many kids this year because of the cold temps, but I enjoyed participating in our neighborhood’s Boos & Booze event again.
6. Worst costume was the kid in a full M*chigan football uniform. -_-
7. What boredom does to you (spoiler alert: it’s not all bad!) {via Nautilus}

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