the week:
Oh, HI! It’s been a few weeks. ?

I’m closing out Week 4 of grad school, and as expected, it’s kicking my ass! I’ve finally found a groove with my assignments and reading (so much reading!), but will admit to feeling wholly intimidated by so many brilliant people in my classes. I’m inspired by the topics and coursework so far (though wish I could spend more of my time focused on school – still trying to figure out the work-school balance). Actually, that balance part has been really important to me and I have worked HARD on the days I need to in order to enjoy a “free” day.

I took a week off running after Chicago (oh yeah, I haven’t posted about that or ANY of my races from last month either!), and felt good to have some space from that. This past weekend, I cheered on the Des Moines’ marathoners from Mile 20 (half marathoners Mile 7) and it filled my whole heart to be able to do so.

Des Moines Marathon Cheer Station Mile 20

This weekend is GOATz 50k in Omaha. Yep, another race weekend road trip. Have I mentioned this is my first ultra race? This should be a fun one! I’m WAY less anxious about running this than Chicago.

seven things, seven days:
1. My knuckles are bruised from extreme cow-belling at the marathon last weekend.
2. Story of my life: I bought this for my cats (they don’t care), and now I’m having all the fun!
3. I saw Christmas lights up (and on!) during my morning work commute this week. ?
4. I also saw a meteor! Peak meteor showers this weekend from Halley’s Comet!
5. Generation X Women are having midlife crises. {sigh, Oprah}
6. My podcast feed is stale. What are your favorites? Got any new ones to recommend?
7. Find your motivation in sport. {via Psychology Today}

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