the week:
I’ve had a pretty awful go of the PMS this week. I’m dealing with an awful ingrown hair (which I used PTO to visit my doctor about, and basically got instructions for warm compresses and a script for an antibiotic). My dentist finally sent me to an endodontist to check out a tooth that has been super sensitive and causing deferred pain in other teeth for over two years; so, I got a root canal this week (I guess the molar has experienced “trauma” and is inflamed, which is why it’s been bothering me, but no infection).

Did I mention how a small animal somehow got into my car overnight and left his smeared prints and scratches on the INSIDE of my windshield? (See also: WTF?!) And then a WASP hit my side mirror and bounced into my car. I didn’t know it was a wasp at first, until I turned around and found it sitting on my back WHILE I WAS DRIVING. I frantically flicked it off me, and pulled over to a gas station a mile down the road to shoo it out. I couldn’t find it. I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND IT. I’m terrified that it’s lying dormant underneath my gas pedal and is going to crawl up my pant leg one day.

You ever have one of those weeks?

Going to the “Glow with the Flow” yoga event tonight at Brenton Skating Plaza (so excited for this!), and I have another massage on Sunday (praise, Jesus). Waiting to see if any of this rain hits us overnight Saturday; if not, our trail group may travel up to Ledges to get some elevation fun on the legs.

Long run Saturday with the Striders, as is tradition!

seven things, seven days:
1. Hey there, 50% off sale stuff, J.Crew!
2. Why is a nude sports bra so hard to find?
3. Do Not Be Afraid of Your Dinner: Louie’s Wine Dive is doing a gluten-free meal event! (YAY!)
4. My golf clinics are done for the summer, and I miss the weekly lessons. If they don’t do another session in Fall, I’m likely going to sign up for private lessons again. Dare I say that I actually enjoy it!?
5. Am I the only one irritated by a LARGE local race that is promoting a certain on-the-course product that isn’t even available to purchase locally ANYWHERE?!
6. Eh, that medal doesn’t excite me either. #subtweet
7. Oh, man, is this an excellent article about The Barkley Marathons {via Esquire}

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