the week:
Ah. The first week back from vacation. Usually tortuous, but I feel good. RECHARGED. Like I really had a vacation. But oh, do I miss Costa Rica!

Sneak peek:

Guess what I'm about to do?

Guess what I’m about to do?

Staying low key, given that August is busy every. single. weekend. If we get an itch, we might walk over to the Beer Fest at Stage AE on Saturday. I’ve got brunch with the girlfriends planned for Sunday (psssst, the place has a DOUGHNUT MACHINE).

seven things, seven days:
1. Free lunch at work this week because of national “thank a zoologist” (or something) week. It was also birthday cake week. A nice way to ease back into the real world. I also had my yearly review, which was excellent.
2. Ha. We have a push lawnmower now, but we lost nearly all of our new grass. We think the sod might have been bad. *cry*
3. The cats are crazy. The end.
4. Catching up on old favorite — nip/tuck — while I’m doing other work. What a fun show! Season 2 was definitely my favorite. Or, maybe 3. Season 5 is so weird.
5. Finishing up some DIY projects this week. Feeling crafty!
6. Processed my FAFSA – school is getting close!
7. The Truth About Female Desire via Salon

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