the week:
It’s state (car) inspection time in this 30-something household (and for the 2nd year in a row, it did not pass; this year, exhaust issues, which is not entirely terrible). As much as I swoon over the 2013 new Ford Escape and dream of trading in my ’05, the reality that my car is paid off in 6 months has much more clout. Whatever this type of maturity is, I can’t even.

Is everyone relaxing before Christmas, or is it just us? I picked up an extra shift at my part-time job for Sunday, seeing as how I have both Monday and Tuesday off (hooray!).

The boyfriend and I had a date night Friday and checked out new restaurant Root 174 (at least new to us) in Pittsburgh, as well as a new chocolate shop Sinful Sweets (we ate the chocolate as our appetizer at a bar while waiting for our originally-intended restaurant to open, which wouldn’t seat walk-ins).

Then we went downtown to check out our holiday market (it was freezing & Santa wasn’t there), but I found this:

cat ornament
A Rudy Cat ornament!

We also intended to check out the new Speakeasy in town. But again, our plans were foiled, and they wouldn’t let us in. *sigh*

Sounds like the date night was full of Fail, but we actually had a fun time (we’re committed to having a date night at least once a month — and hey, look: spontaneity!). Our “replacement” restaurant ended up serving an incredible meal — I won’t stop talking about that tomato-fennel gorgonzola soup — I can’t wait to return!

52 books in 52 weeks:
Finished #5: Sex & God at Yale. While mostly an interesting (debaucherous) read, the book itself went on WAY too many long-winded personal tangents. As an adult, did I really need an entire chapter devoted to the definition of “hooking up”? No. But maybe some out there do…

seven things, seven days:
1. The psychology behind organic labeling – from Science Daily
2. We got carolers at our house! On the one night I was gone this week… whomp.
3. But yay, team bonding! (over cider and cookies)
4. Holidays are meant for spiked milkshake happy hours… err, lunch.
5. As I write this, the cats are destroying the tree and presents beneath it. Broken ornament count: 2
6. I am an avid ponytail wearer – For winter, I need this Peekaboo Ponytail Hat!
7. We all seemingly made it through the End of the World! I suppose that’s something worth mentioning.

Have a happy pre-holiday weekend! I wouldn’t wish any last-minute shopping at the mall on my worst enemy!

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