the week:
Did you hear about these Asian tiger striped mosquitos in Pitsburgh?! Yeech. I made it out of Costa Rica without getting eaten alive, and now I have to worry about these buggers at home.

Meanwhile, as I walked to work the other day, I felt something biting the back of my knee FROM UNDERNEATH MY PANTS. I had to shake out my pant leg once I arrived, and some bastard bit me, like, 8 times. My luck, it seems, is the worst. Or I need to find another place to store my work pants.

Side note about bugs: How the hell do you get rid of moths? We have a problem in this house. I have cedar bags, chips and blocks in every closet, shelf and drawer, but I’m still finding them everywhere.

And now I present you, LARGEST ZUCCHINI EVER:

largest zucchini

Say hello to my little friend!

That came from our garden. So proud.

Date night with the boyfriend — seeing Defending the Caveman, and having dinner downtown at place-to-be-determined. I tell you what, I’m determined to just eat my way around cheese plates this evening.

And then I have brunch plans at Kaya with a friend visiting from Ohio.

seven things, seven days:
1. Our fireplace is just about done! Pics coming soon.
2. But now our roof is leaking again… SIGH.
3. What is it about a mani-pedi combo that makes you feel SO GOOD?
4. Also, how the heck did that only cost me $40?! I’m definitely doing that again next month.
5. I’m seriously applying to 10 open job postings on my days off. I’m motivated to find work, but not having much luck.
6. Boy is this article timely: 10 Essential Tips for Surviving Houseguests {via Remodelista}
7. 9 Famous Women Who Have Spoken Out About Therapy {via HuffPost}

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