the week:
Painting. Every morning at 7am… but the end result is incredible. I can’t wait to share before and after photos.

Meh. Working all weekend. And putting my house back together.

seven things, seven days:
1. Speaking of paint and color: Where Men See White, Women See Ecru {from Smithsonian Mag}
2. Finally became an REI member (no clue why I waited so long)
3. Daylight Savings ends this weekend… FML.
4. Torturing myself beyond reprieve, I purchased TWO boxes of Girl Scouts cookies (Samoas, natch) that I cannot eat until Easter Sunday (at least I smart about that latter part).
5. Found a box of Stonewall Kitchen’s apple cider doughnuts mix at my local supermarket too. SO GOOD. (check out their website for other delicious and all natural baking mixes)
6. Too cute: This little girl is doing a Science project on the “Garfield Syndrome.” If you have a tabby cat, you should help her out!
7. From the bloggess: Xanax makes me a better mom

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  • themoderngal

    Aww, the little tabby cat gal lives in Knoxville! Cute idea for a research project.