GAH, I didn’t hit publish on this post on Saturday!

I haven’t yet started a new book (only 4 left to go!), and I’m also not feeling any of my own creativity — so I’ve been catching up blogs and articles around the web. I decided to share a few things that have left an impression on me this week:

1. A clash of two of my favorite run bloggers, Natrunsfar guest blogging on This Mama Runs for Cupcakes! Natalie writes about her Boston Qualifying training and gives tips for those considering the achievement. I don’t know if a BQ is *ever* in my future (I laughed when I looked at the difference in finishing times for after I turn 40, because LOLZNEVER), but this post is great advice for anyone just looking to step up their run game a bit.

2. Toys Were Us: The Tragic End of F.A.O. Schwarz. Man, this story makes me so sad. I didn’t visit New York or FAO Schwartz for the first time until my mid-30s but we all know about its legacy from childhood. And anyone in her 30s fell in love with that piano scene in BIG, right?

3. Stressed at work? ME TOO. A friend and coworker sent me this one: 7 Yoga Poses You Can at Your Desk to Relieve Stress. Side question: do you sit “Indian Style” in your office chair?

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  • Sue Tate

    Thanks for sharing the Boston article!!