I totally failed my November shopping ban. Totally. Completely. Utterly. Failed. This is what happens when there are sales, coupons and discount offers all up in my email this time of year.

But… I’m not mad. I’m EXCITED.

1. Rice Dot Tee {LOFT} / 2. Sims Pants {Trina Turk} / 3. Cozy Cable Cardigan {LOFT} / 4. Chunky Cable Open Front Cardigan {LOFT} (I love cardigans!) / 5. White Wool-blend Belted Coat {Banana Republic}

I also picked up a standard gray crew-neck tee shirt and gray-and-cream striped sweater from BP

Retail Therapy
See, when I turned 35, I made it a year-long mission to reinvent my closet. I now seek out classic, versatile and well-structured pieces. Clothing that is an investment (for, hopefully, the next 5 or so years of my age bracket) takes over where throw-away trends are concerned. On that same note, I needed long-sleeve shirts, which is where the $30 tops and sweaters sale at LOFT comes in. I have, like, one long-sleeve shirt in my closet. And it’s misshapen and almost five years old itself. Why the former obsession with 3/4-length, Mel?

Plain-and-simple, I need to dress more like I am 35 and less like I am 25. There’s a difference between being young and youthful, and being chic and playful with your wardrobe. And by “your” of course I mean myself.

About a Coat
I’ve had my (current) tan-colored wool coat from Banana Republic for nearly a decade. But… I’ve grown out of it (and by “grown” I mean it’s easily four sizes too large for me; someone at the consignment store will surely give it some more love). I bought it at an end-of-season sale for almost 50% off. It was a good deal then, and considerably so now, for how long it’s lasted in my closet.

Alas, it’s ill-fitting now… boxy — even with layers of sweaters underneath, it just looks like I’m wearing my grandpa’s coat — so I wanted a new warm winter coat that was fitted to my proportions and more chic.

I FOUND THE PERFECT COAT (see above)! On top of that, the coupon for friends & family deal (50% off!) from my neighbor was just too kind. This was also an excuse to head into the cute local neighborhood, Shadyside, of Pittsburgh. I only hope this one lasts me another decade. I can’t lie, I’m terrified about the winter white. But the style and fit was too pretty to resist.

Retail as Therapy. Makes me happy inside and out. And probably just as expensive.

Do you take advantage of great sales this time of year for personal shopping? Tell us about your Biggest Score in the comments!

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