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Crazy week. And crazy weird temperatures!

Despite a crazy week, I completed all of my scheduled workouts! Coming back from vacation, I was eager to return to my routines. I feel like I can adapt well to being thrown off my usual schedule, but I definitely feel the impact of stress when things change in my usual routine. So, this week’s runs and workouts were MUCH needed to help me deal.

MONDAY: Rest day and return to work; but wow, did my hips feel sore from the weekend.

TUESDAY: Random day off (my work building caught fire!), so I did my kettlebell-focused strength workout in the early afternoon.

WEDNESDAY: Easy 5-mile run + core workout

10:21 average pace

My first mile felt pretty rough but got easier — and it was 72 degrees in Iowa!!!! Since my office was still closed, I got to run in the afternoon on the Greenbelt Trail in Clive.

Splits: 10:35, 10:29, 10:24, 10:05, 10:13

THURSDAY: A fun but TOUGH Intervals workout — 6×400 (400m recovery) with an easy mile warm-up and cool down. I was a little freaked out about sprinting so fast on the treadmill, and it took so much focus.

warm-up: 11:17

400 splits:
(1) 1:45 / 3:04
(2) 1:40 / 3:09
(3) 1:46 / 3:23
(4) 1:43 / 3:04
(5) 1:40 / 3:04
(6) 1:42 / 3:32

cool down: 11:30

Finished with foam rolling — which is something that is seriously lacking in my training right now.

FRIDAY: Wow my body is tired; bless this rest day.

SATURDAY: The Long Run That Could – I had 12 miles on the schedule, but I totally mismanaged my schedule and ran out of time in the morning (Who makes a hair appointment for 10:30am on a Saturday in the middle of marathon training?!) I finished 11 miles – a fast finish workout at that — just in enough time to shower for 5 minutes, dress, and drive 20 minutes to my salon.

Splits: 11:19, 11:10, 10:58, 10:54, 10:54, 10:59, 10:45, 10:21, 9:53, 9:30, 8:51

marathon training iowa blogger vermont race

Motivation for a 11-mile training run!

SUNDAY: An afternoon recovery run (25 minutes at a slower-than-easy pace), followed by a core workout.

11:22 average pace

Finished with my Core workout and foam rolling of my glutes and TFL.

WEEKLY MILES: 23.2 miles
TOTAL TRAINING MILES: 100.56 miles – WOO! Century Mark!

vermont city marathon training blog

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