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All bundled up for the Illinois half marathon, SO CLOSE to race day, and Chocolate Milk forever and ever. Amen.

It’s crazy to think that I’m on this “other side” of marathon training. With less than 5 weeks until race day, I’ve experienced about every type of weather forecast and every type of emotion. And to be truthful, I really wish training was over. I know that it’s good to have this insight having DONE all this training thus far to maybe not do a 20-week training program next time and that I’m capable of getting through the next few weeks. Though my focus and resolve to deal with every day bullshit (and the weather) has waned, and I’m really ready for it all to be over. Only a few more weeks until taper time, but I already feel like giving up.

And yes, I’ve got another marathon yet that I am training for this year. I KNOW.

This week I was proud to get all my runs done (despite having messed up my watch somehow TWICE), and I did all my strength and core workouts. *fist bump*


TUESDAY An easy run on the schedule, ending with 6×20 Strides and my at-home kettlebell strength workout. My warm-up routine for this day starts with foam rolling, and besides my calves, everything feels OK. Somehow, I messed up my watch when I got an incoming text — and somehow forwarded to my splits, and had to restart the workout. I finished 1.15 miles on the first cycle (12:01 average pace) and 5.44 total miles on the 2nd cycle.

Mile 2-6 Splits: 11:47, 11:51, 11:49, 11:56, 11:54

Felt really MEH about this easy run, but got it done. And then I felt like I tweaked something in my right knee coming out of a side plank. I guess it’s time in marathon training where THAT starts happening, too.

WEDNESDAY Another easy run, ending with 4×20 Strides and a core workout. Despite the weather not being too bad during the week, I opted for both easy runs on the treadmill. I messed up my first Stride by almost forgetting about having to do them, and stopped the treadmill.

4.27 miles / 11:50 average pace

Lots of foam rolling before bed, and spent some additional time with my Moji foot roller on my arches.


FRIDAY It was nice to have a short week at work, taking a PTO day to drive out to Illinois for the 5K in the evening. Read my recap of Race 1 of the Half I-Challenge at the Illinois Marathon.

I was supposed to take it easy and have fun. Though I’m pretty sure that a PR is not exactly easy – but it felt easy! And I had fun! I mean, I was definitely sweating by the end of it and had that “high” of being able to push myself to the finish. Bonus: I ran by feel and didn’t look at my watch until I crossed the finish line. THAT FELT AWESOME.

Splits: 9:31, 8:41, 8:38

SATURDAY Read my recap of Race 2 of the Illinois Marathon Half I-Challenge (the Half Marathon).

A cold day for the race, but my cranky mood about weather turned quickly when I realized how much fun EVERYONE was having (I wanted to have fun!). My official finishing time made this my 2nd fastest half marathon. I felt strong; it felt easy. Go read my recap!

10k split: 1:04:45 [10:26 pace]
10 mile: 1:43:21 [10:21 pace]
12.4 mile: 2:07:13 [10:16 pace]
finish: [10:09 pace]

SUNDAY Rest (and travel) Day — back home to Iowa and time to eat ALL THE THINGS.

WEEKLY MILES: 27.16 miles

Only a month away until Race Day! Still time to register and join me in Burlington, Vermont for the Vermont City Marathon: Use code BibRave10 to save $10 on your registration!

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