joshua tree

During our California trip, we made plans to drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix to visit my siblings for a couple days — and my new niece (squee!). It wasn’t that long of a drive, all things considered, and we’d just fly back from Phoenix. On our route was Joshua Tree National Park. When will we ever be on that section of road again? Likely, never. So we detoured into the park. It resulted in a three-hour detour (half of which was to get OUT of the park. Lesson learned.).

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most wonderful places that I’ve ever seen on this planet. And another thing? The forest is quiet. One of those eerie quiets: a cleansing, big-sigh-out-and-breathe-it-in quiets. It doesn’t even echo. And it was beautiful and breathtaking and expansive (and there was no cell coverage). If you ever get the chance, it’s something you just HAVE to experience for yourself.

Take the detour.

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