I recently cleaned up my 30s Life List, particularly noting some items that I’m not all that interested in completing (um, shoulder tattoos, Louboutins and photography lessons? NOPE.) and have widdled this list from 30-some items to only 22 — with only 5 items crossed off and another half-way attempt (while we’re here: I STILL haven’t had my piano tuned!). While this doesn’t feel very earth-shattering, I recognize some of the things that I’ve accomplished even in the last couple years that were not even on my radar when starting this list in my early 30s (running marathons, for starters; relocating to another city, for another). Lists like this are an interesting reminder about our life phases and personal growth.

That said, I realize that I’ve got some work to do in a year-and-a-half! But… yeah, most of the stuff on this list will be near impossible to achieve. Kilimanjaro, for one, will definitely not happen, but is still something that I would like to do. Eventually. I probably don’t have the motivation to train for kayaking at long distances either. (40-something goals?) Also, rather strangely, the list is a lot of what I want to DO… rather than who I’d like to BE. So, put a little of that in your pipe and smoke on it.

Anyways, I’ll definitely be crossing off two more of these items though before the end of the year, which is exciting! The 52 Books in 52 weeks goal is something that I’ve started and stalled on for the last couple years, and this year I’m going to make it. I guess I could spend that time next year on actually writing a book? It doesn’t feel like a priority goal for me but maybe it’s something that I start to consider again.

My, how my 30s have changed!

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