I’m training for the Hitchcock Experience 50-mile race in December. On the way, I’ll be running the Chicago, Marathon, GOATz 50k, and Route 66 Marathon.

I can’t believe that in a couple weeks I’ll already be running my 20-mile long runs. It… seems soon. But then again, the Chicago Marathon (only a training run!) is only 6 weeks away. And I cleared nearly 40 miles this week. My 3rd run of the week on Thursdays always feels like a struggle — running three days in a row (plus a strength workout) will probably do that to you — but I’m otherwise feeling great. Hungry, but great.

ultra training honey stinger waffles gluten free

My new favorite fuel!

The last couple weeks I was only able to fit in 4 runs/week; this week I was back to 5 runs. I’ve mostly worked this upper respiratory thing out of my system, and a stray cough only gets me every now-and-then. My consistency is good; I’m getting out on the trails a couple of times per week. I wish I could find a restorative yoga studio or class in Des Moines to help out with the stiffness in my back and shoulders, but seems everyone does cardio/hot yoga here. I’m not doing enough foam rolling or stretching — but my monthly massages, I never miss a session. ?

ultra training week 5 iowa running

I’m still splitting my time between road and trails (and sometimes treadmill). Soon here, I’ll be swapping and doing the bulk of my mileage (and long runs) on the trails. Speaking of: I got to run the trails out at Ledges State Park this past weekend and HOLY WOW was it gorgeous out there. As a group, we finished our last three miles through the creek. SO MUCH FUN. And so much wet.

ultra training trail running ledges park iowa

Potential poison ivy rash… that’s fun, right? Or is it trying to remember everything you wore/touched/used on the day that it (possibly?) touched you?

The 3 things that separate failure from success in ultratraining.

Also, Des Moines Parks & Recreation and Fleet Feet start their trail run series with the Capital Striders (and CS Turkeys) tonight. The series is every Wednesday through October 4 — come out and have some fun learning about the trails right here in the city!

WEEKLY MILEAGE: 39.6 miles
MILEAGE FOR THE YEAR: 642.21 miles
UP NEXT: On the road again this weekend for back-to-back half marathons — Rockin’ Chocolate Half Marathon in Madison, WI and the NewBo Run Half in Cedar Rapids.

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