The adventure begins. I’m officially back on a training cycle and banking runs for my first ultramarathon. My 20-week training plan started on Monday and ends with my ultra in early December. I’m already dreaming about running in the cold weather.

ass if freezing meme

Oh, if only…

So, there are a few things coming up race-wise before the end of the year that I hope not to make TOO confusing on the blog — while also still posting weekly about my training progress for each of these different races.

No, not beer (but I am drinking a delicious English style Crispin cider!). Let’s talk races! My two marathons in Fall fit beautifully into my ultra training — I’m running the Chicago Marathon in October and the Route 66 Marathon (Tulsa, OK) in November. In between those, I’ll get my first 50k distance completed with the G.O.A.T.z over in Omaha (yes, by training for my ultra, I’ll complete another ultra). And then… AND THEN, the 50-mile experience they call Hitchcock.

I LOVED the half marathon at Hitchcock last year, and I feel like that course as part of a 50-mile race is going to kick my ass and challenge me in the best possible ways (and let’s be honest, probably some of the worst ways, too). Having this race in mind will push me in training, push me on the trails, and get me into some regular hill repeat workouts. I’m already super pumped up about it — despite initially being kinda quiet about it — and having some fellow CS Turkeys running it with me has made it all the more exciting.

I’m using an UltraLadies training plan for both ultra races (my 50-miler schedule building upon the 50k plan, while still allowing for enough low mileage/recovery weeks). I’ll be running 5 days a week on this plan; so, I will be assessing my fatigue levels regularly to make sure I’m not burning out or increasing any risks for injury. 20 weeks. Let’s do this!

Fun fact: I’ve already surpassed the total amount of miles that I ran in 2016.

What’s worse than finding new chafe spots after hot races? Probably an infected hair follicle. Actually, it’s worse. Trust me.

LAST RACE: The BTN B1G 10K last weekend in Chicago.
UP NEXT: I’m not registered for any races until Labor Day… though I’m considering making myself miserable at this.

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  • Hey there! I just now found your blog (yes, I’m late to the party). Great to find another Iowa-based runner gal 😉 I saw you’re doing Route 66…I ran it last year. Holy Hills! But the course is fun with lots of neighborhood block parties and very scenic. But, did I mention the hills? 😉

    • Mel

      Ha! Good to know! :)