I am no stranger to guilty pleasure. But recently I was looking for a new experience that would really help me tune out and check into some much-needed ME time. When I travel, it’s often with the boyfriend; when he travels, I’m taking care of three cats. I mean, they watch me pee. I’m never really alone.

I’ve been getting back into yoga and meditation — though I am super inexperienced on the latter. I’ve been trying to be more diligent about making yoga part of my regular weekly workouts and relaxation time. Having a once-a-week session during lunch hour through work is fantastic (so much that I might start closing my office door and practicing on my own when the program is over). I feel much more focused when I allow myself the opportunity to just let go — it’s so powerful. We used to have a derby sponsor whose tagline is: Yoga is my health insurance. Which is partly true, in a way.

Although, for me: Yoga is therapy.
yoga therapy

I think you’ll find most yogis would agree.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be attending a yoga retreat on the lake in Ohio, and it is a major treat for myself. I have been looking forward to this for months and will be “bunking” with another yoga-loving friend. It will be a good opportunity to log off and decompress (and drink some wine, let’s be honest). I’ll be scheduling my weekend posts, so I don’t miss out on the rest of my Blogger, May I? experience.

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  • That sounds like an absolutely fantastic weekend! Enjoy to the max!