While I did increase my mileage this week, I did not meet my frequency plan. One day I feel really awesome, and then the next I’m struggling like a beginner all over again. I’m wondering when my body will acclimate to this heat.

MONDAY: Rest Day

TUESDAY: Flipped my training plan, since I found out about the Flash 5K Pop-Up on Thursday (which, news flash, I didn’t end up doing), so I did some cross-training. Similar to the Kick My Ass workout that burned last Thursday, but did a few sets of push-ups instead of planks.

WEDNESDAY: Lunchtime yoga (1 hour, restorative) / run//yoga club at Urban Elements, we did 4 miles at a 9:20 pace.

urban elements run yoga club pittsburgh

run//yoga club!

THURSDAY: Flash 5K! Er, nope.

FRIDAY: Rest Day

SATURDAY: I did my 108 sun salutations to welcome in the summer solstice. It was a lot harder than I anticipated. I hoped to do it outside or at a studio, but after canceling the Flash run the other night, I knew that I couldn’t rely on going anywhere else (plus the weather outside wasn’t having it).

SUNDAY: Break in my new shoes (and new sunglasses and new armband) — and run (almost) 5 miles. This was the grossest, worst training run I’ve had since I started running in September. WAY too hot, humid — I had to stop after 2 miles… and then after 3. I walked after 3.5 for about 5 minutes before running again. I started cramping up (side stitch) too, even though I was barely doing a 12:00 pace. I barely eeked out that 4.91 miles, holy Lord. I feel terrible. Afterward (and after a cold shower), I was so tired that I had to nap — and was cold but sweating profusely. Something went terribly wrong today, and I don’t know what.

Replacement Saucony Ride 7 (in a different color -- I love these shoes! And my new armband from ArmPocket.

Replacement Saucony Ride 7 (in a different color — I love these shoes! And my new armband from ArmPocket.

Weekly Runs: 2
Weekly Miles: 8.91 miles
Total Training Miles: 6.02 + 8.91 = 14.93 miles
*also walked 5 out of 5 days to/from work for 10-ish extra miles, not included in the training total

It’s now finals week, and I have a baseball game AND a concert this week, so it will be tough to fit in three runs this week; however, that’s my foundation goal for upcoming Week 3. How are you doing on your training plan?

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