I have continually asked myself: Am I ready for this?

Like most of my races in the past year, I haven’t really been sure until I start running. But as you probably know, every run feels different. I know this marathon is going to be tough both mentally and physically. But I’m feeling… really anxious. Especially after starting to experience some knee pain on my long run last weekend.

MONDAY: Rest Day

TUESDAY: Rest Day; concert after work and Uber-ed home with friends, so only walked to work (1.5 miles).

WEDNESDAY: Disappointed that run//yoga run club was relocated because of the post-season game, but that was exactly why I wouldn’t be driving anywhere. I was annoyed enough by merely walking through the crowds to get home that I didn’t feel like running around downtown anywhere. I’ve been feeling *really* burned out, so was looking forward to our weekend get-away. Walked to-from work (3 total miles)

THURSDAY: Ran my commute home from work (with an extra loop around the Point State Park fountain). 2.18 miles at average 9.19 pace

FRIDAY: Packed, prepared for our trip. Lots of stretching in between loads of laundry.

SATURDAY: Guys, I went swimming. OUTSIDE. Our resort pool was beautiful and warm and it was so wonderfully relaxing. I did some water exercises, walking, and some laps.

SUNDAY: Again, another beautiful day for swimming (maybe a bit cooler than the day before). Not so exercise-intense as the previous day, but I stayed active to keep warm. Then, realizing that it was probably a little too chilly to hang out at sundown, we spent 15-20 minutes relaxing in the hot tub.

Truth be told, I intended to do my long run Sunday morning, but I woke up either severely hungover (wine pairings with dinner the night before, so… incredibly likely) or sick from something I ate. I attempted to get out of bed a few times — once even meeting the boyfriend for a quick game of putt-putt and lunch. But then as I sat in the restaurant, I got nauseous again and had to go back to bed. Around 5pm, I felt well enough to keep food down and start moving around. I didn’t trust my stomach in the shuttle bus either, so I walked both ways. It was probably a 4-mile round trip! Alas, I moved my long run to Monday.

Total runs: 1
Total miles: 2.18 miles

MONDAY: I was supposed to do 10-12 miles for my long run, but ran out of time in the morning before checking out of our hotel at Nemacolin. I suppose it was a blessing, given that my left knee was starting to hurt around 6.5 miles in. I’m hoping it’s because of all the rolling hills around the resort property and not an actual injury. I have been dealing with really tight hamstrings and piriformis issues, which might be related to the . Strangely, this is the SAME knee that was acting up prior to the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, which didn’t bother me at all during that race; it hasn’t bothered me since, actually.

I continued for another couple miles — the pain lessened after a mile, but flared up again as I finished. The grounds of the resort were pretty neat though, especially running around the Animal Sanctuaries (I’m pretty sure that the white tiger was trying to chase me). Alas, another 8.74 miles logged at average 10:57 pace. Although now I don’t know if I should just rest until the marathon, do a few easy/low-mile runs, if this is what happens to every first-time marathoner at this point in training or what. Maybe it was from swimming?

When we got back home, I made sure to spend a lot of time foam-rolling my legs.

TUESDAY: I did some hip exercises and strengthening for possible Runner’s Knee (per Dr. Google and Runner’s World recommendations).

WEDNESDAY: I joined in with my run//yoga run club friends for a slow three miles and it felt REALLY good. I skipped power yoga afterward to focus more on stretching at home. No knee pain.

3.04 miles at average 11:09 pace.

THURSDAY: Rest and stretch.

FRIDAY: Had to work late, so Rest Day.

SATURDAY: Fineview Step Challenge – review coming this week! FIVE MILES OF FUN.

SUNDAY: More foam rolling, stretching.

I also walk-commuted to work three days this week.

Total runs: 3
Total miles: 16.51 miles
Total training miles: 252.58 miles

Less than one week until the marathon. *gulp*

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  • You’re ready! Believe it! Try not to think of the knee pain or to doubt yourself. You’re about to have an incredible experience that such a small percentage of people will ever even try for. I’m excited for you!