It’s ALMOST taper time, you guys. I have my long(est) 20-mile run to look forward to this weekend and then the insanity of waiting and advanced mental training begins.

MONDAY: walked to/from work (2.75 miles); LOTS of stretching and foam-rolling tonight too.

TUESDAY: walked to/from work (2.75 miles); I’ve been obsessed with squats lately, so every spare moment — brushing teeth, petting the cats, eating breakfast — I’ve been randomly doing them around the house. My neighbors must think I’m SO weird.

WEDNESDAY: Ran 3.04 miles and 75 minutes of hot yoga with Urban Elements run//yoga club. We had a substitute yoga instructor for the session, which helped to keep me focused on my yoga poses instead of my mind straying to off the mat. I loved the difference in style and it switched up my practice a bit. Unplanned, but obviously something I needed.

THURSDAY: Run 3 miles… three ANGRY miles. I did *not* want to run, and I was exhausted. But I tried the ol’ sport psychology trick of putting all my running stuff on to see how I felt then. And then I walked out the door to see if I still didn’t feel like running. Well, it worked, I guess, because I ran. But I still didn’t want to. lol

FRIDAY: Travel day to Akron

SATURDAY: Read my Akron Marathon Relay here. I ran Leg 3 (5.5 mile leg, but my watch registered 5.63 miles) + another 5.76 miles.

SUNDAY: Rest Day; travel back to Pittsburgh

Total runs: 3
Total miles: 17.43 miles
Total training miles: 209.17 miles

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  • Woot! Almost taper time! Good luck with you longest long run.

    • Mel

      Thanks! I won’t lie, I’m already so nervous!