It’s another drop-back week in my training plan and THANK GOD because the Demons of Summer Humidity have returned with this awful weather and really wrecked my training week. My mid-week 4-mile run felt terrible, and I felt even worse the day after (soreness that I didn’t even experience after running 14 miles, which I cannot figure out).

MONDAY: Usual Rest Day/Laundry Day.

TUESDAY: Took another rest day.

WEDNESDAY: run//yoga club – 4 miles started off at a 9:30 pace, but I started trailing behind the group at 2 miles in. I decided to turn around before my companions and slow it up a bit. That was a good decision, since that group ended up with about 4.8 miles. And OMG the heat and humidity. UGH.

Yoga felt better than last week. I really focused on stretching out my hamstrings and hips throughout the practice. I felt really strong in my warrior and crescent poses — been far too long.

4.15 miles, average pace: 9:36/mi, total time: 39:53 (no splits)

THURSDAY: My body felt like absolute shit. I’m so frustrated.

FRIDAY: I had to spend another night stretching. I wish I would have rolled too. This is something that I’ve completely let fall to the wayside but this week convinced me how badly my body needs more care.

SATURDAY: Yoga outside! These park sessions through Yoga Hive will be held every Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. (The date on the Fittsburgh website says it ends on August 29 but the instructor confirmed through weekends in October.) The weekends when I’m in town I plan to make this part of my Saturday morning routine. Drop-in rate is only a $5 donation too.

SUNDAY: Any previously-denoted “bad” run that I’ve ever talked about is now one-upped by the run I had this Sunday. I planned to meet the boyfriend after he golfed so I could enjoy a little pool time; since our club is only about 6.5 miles away and my plan called for 10, I figured I could commute there by my legs. Seemed like a good challenge. Until you realize that once you cross the West End Bridge, it’s all uphill to Crafton. ALL. UPHILL. All uphill without a lot of sidewalks. And then uphill some more.

To be honest, I’m surprised that it didn’t take me longer to do those 6.83 miles. Also a big fail that Google Maps kept crashing so I kept getting lost. At a certain point I realized that I was one street over from where I needed to be but it may as well have been 3 miles. And I still had to go uphill to get to the club entrance.

Being in the pool after that hot mess felt amazing though both in cooling my body off and getting my joints moving in the water. And I got to show off my hawt running shorts tan.

6.83 miles, total time: 1:29:02
Splits: 10:59 (1) / 12:13 (2) / 12:59 (3) / 10:51 (4) / 16:12 (5) / 12:38 (6) / 13:12 (.82)

Total runs: 2
Total miles: 10.98 miles
Total training miles: 153.62 miles

Only a couple more days of this insanely hot and humid weather. Then, good riddance dog days!

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