Totally love this look (outside my messy bed making), as I have one last adventure with long hair. And with this dress. I used to love everything about it: the print, the colors, the length, the cute buttons that ran down the extreme V-neck. 

But then, I wanted to actually WEAR it. It’s terribly see-through (and I had to create a make-shift slip out of a stretchy Old Navy skirt, a strapless bra and a few meticulously-placed safety pins — just call me a fashion emergency MacGyver!).

I’ll also always try to convince myself that I must have halter tops; I have yet to find one that is comfortable. I don’t know… it’s, like, my boobs — although small — are too bottom heavy, pulling down all the weight on my neck. I know, I laughed at that too.

Alas, was fun to wear one last/first time to a local winery for a Friday night happy hour with new friends.

Dress: off-brand, from eBay (and now, donated)
Shoes: Franco Sarto, found at Gabrial Brothers (!!!)
Necklace & Bracelets*: Gabriel Brothers
“Pearl” Button Earrings: Anthropologie
Ring (phone hand): “Equality” ring from the National Marriage Boycott
Ring (opposite hand)*: Nina Nguyen, on loan from Spoil Me Fashion

*I changed the picture out at the last minute to include my shoes, and realized that I no longer had these items pictured. Ah, well.

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