Last holiday season, I made a Pinterest board: Gifts for 30-somethings. Most of my suggestions still hold up! And I’ve been pinning more items to it as the holiday approaches (it’s a super-easy way for the boyfriend to know exactly what I want).

Here are my Top Five this year:
OMG, I am SUCH a 30-something — I wrote “socks” in response to basically every email to family asking for gift ideas. I need a couple pairs of these DryMax socks for running in winter [purchase here], but also these SmartWool socks for winter in general [purchase at REI and many outdoor stores]. MORE SOCKS!

I don’t know how I keep losing my wide yoga headbands (blame the cats, I’m sure), but I needed a couple more to stash into my workout bags. Hindsight, I wish I would’ve asked for another Buff too.

My multi-media list includes things to read and things to listen to — and something to write in (I guess you could say that I’m obsessed with journal books). But my Amazon Wish List is full of books that I want to read in the New Year (and yes, some adult coloring books). I also asked for a couple vintage vinyl records that are missing from my favorites collection: Blood, Sweat & Tears; Presidents of the United States of America; and King Harvest. Also in this category is a Five-Year Diary.

How am I a young-ish urban professional and don’t own a black crossbody bag?! A stretch for my Wish List, but I’m currently coveting this black leather bag from Bartaile.



Since marathon training, I realized that I could use a few additional items for next year’s cycle: a jar of Cytomax (yes, I really put this on my wish list, and please, only lemon-lime); a water belt — I currently use a handheld for my training runs which can get annoying during long runs (and is often, not enough water) and I need a smart way to carry all that Cytomax AND water; I also asked for a kettlebell for my at-home workouts — no idea where I’ll swing the dang thing but I’ll figure it out.

What’s on your Wish List?

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