The ending of Daylight Savings Time is tonight; standard time resumes at 2am. The cure for my insomnia? Likely not, since I’ll be likely be awake to see it. But I’d give anything to use that hour for some extra sleep. The time change in the Spring always wrecks havoc on my sleeping schedule that inevitably lasts throughout the summer.

Where my sleep-challenged party people at?

Here are some items on my to-do list for the weekend that will easily fill up that 25th hour slot (since the likelihood of me sleeping is nil):

  • eyebrow waxing – overdue
  • paint my nails – trying to get back into the habit
  • shave my legs – um… it’s been too long
  • rearrange my attic guest room – to what? I’m not quite sure. But I want a reading nook.
  • prime a dresser for painting – finally got “permission” for this project
  • catch up on episode of Damages – still on Season 2

OK. So maybe I need, like, five more hours. And then another three or so to sleep.

How do you plan to spend your extra hour?

Post #3 complete.

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