Last weekend, the boyfriend and I planned a shopping adventure, to fill in some missing decor around the house and buy things that we know we definitely needed (like, new guest towels). Here are the places that were included in the fun:

30something shopping Iowa house

Shopping haul!

at home – we had one of these stores in Pittsburgh, but it felt like it was always either Christmas decorations or crap that dropped off a truck. Our store here is AMAZING. Like HomeGoods amazing. We found an outdoor rug for the deck and a bunch of little vases for various spaces in the house. And placemats that match the kitchen for 50% off! It definitely takes some time to look through everything but it was worth it.

World Market – we shop here pretty often because of the amazing deals on wine (no shame; we’re used to paying so much more for alcohol in Pennsylvania), and I’ve missed this store since living near one in Ohio. PS: They do FREE wine tastings on Saturday afternoons, so I need to reorganize my shopping habits. I intended to purchase a pink chair for my office, but they didn’t it have in stock. I did find two little adorable boxed fake succulents and a bottle of Reisling that’s shaped like a cat though! πŸ™‚

Spoiler alert: I found an actual office chair β€” not just a tufted dining chair β€” that I liked even better later in the day.

Bed, Bath & Beyond – we received a 20% off ENTIRE ORDER coupon in a welcome letter from our local store manager (hooray, moving discounts!), so we filled the cart with a bunch of stuff we needed. I threw some shade at the price of bathroom garbage cans ($40??? Seriously?!); however, I found my matching flatware set from Oneida, which I’ve been trying to match online (not knowing the name) unsuccessfully since two Thanksgivings ago. BIG SHOPPING WIN!

Homemakers – we found this place totally by accident, and decided that after a much-needed lunch of Mexican food, we’d circle back around to check it out. Right upon entry, we were greeted by a giant Adirondack chair that I just HAD to climb in for a photo.

homemakers beach chair iowa

This was definitely my favorite stop of the day!

Since this place was more for furniture than decor (though they do have much of both!), we were looking at some shelves/entertainment center options opposite our TV. I think we finally came to an agreement of how to decorate that wall in the basement and purchased two tall shelves to anchor the TV β€” and I need to measure the remaining distance to see if a credenza that we liked there will also fit. This is also where I found my aforementioned sweet upholstered (!!!) office chair.

Best of all though, we had a SUPER friendly salesperson and he loves Cleveland more than Pittsburgh, so we gave him all our money (kidding, kinda). Seriously though, he gave us a few ideas of day trips that were totally in line with our interests and I LOVE THIS PLACE SO DANG MUCH. He even told us about the warehouse history β€” it used to be a Parker Brothers factory!

Normally we would have also stopped at Pier1, but I’ve already been there twice in the last few weeks. πŸ˜‰

PS: my blush accent chairs for the living room are STILL back-ordered from Home Decorators. GRRRRR.

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  • I used to work at Linens-N-Things in high school (a now defunct version of BB&B) and it would AMAZE me what people would spend crap tons of money on (thousands on UGLY-ass curtains. Like, not possibly attractive in any lighting or room). On the plus side, I learned all about thread counts and always own amazing sheets πŸ˜€

    I think I had wine out of a cat shaped bottle at Mike’s once – it was good, if I remember!

    • Mel

      OMG, YES! I remember Linens-n-Thngs!!! Good sheets are my jam. πŸ˜‰

  • Linda

    World Market?! My favorite! If it weren’t for our ridiculous PLCB, maybe we’d have one here. Damn.