If my eyes are not defined, I look tired, puffy, washed out… old. I’m sure most 30-something women can relate.

I was an avid Cover Girl user, until their mascara “formula” changed — this, after I used their Professional (and then, Remarkable) for nearly a decade. I knew the end was approaching when I found sale tags on their cosmetics. This was no fluke. The old “formula” was being discontinued. And I say that, because the “new” stuff with its fancy colors and change in packaging was NOT the same. I made the switch for a couple years, but I was never as happy with the new as I was with the old.

How about THAT loaded statement!?

I have basically been on a mission to find a new mascara for the last two years: Lancôme (ok), Benefit (good for nights out), Blinc (yuck!)… There are a LOT of eye products out there, and only so little time and money in the bank account to try them all.

After falling in love with Laura Mercier’s powder and primer products from samples, I decided to give the brand a try in terms of mascara.

best mascara for 30-somethings

And I am. in. love. It defines; it volumizes; it lengthens; it curls. Its awesome wand grabs those little guys that like to stay un-make-up’d. IT STAYS ON DURING THE ENTIRETY OF A ROLLER DERBY BOUT! And it doesn’t clump one bit (I even tested it with four coats. FOUR! NO HAIRY SPIDERS!) I also don’t need eight quarts of eye makeup remover to get the stuff off. This is so important for our time-sensitive eye area!

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara: 30-something approved!

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