That face is one of a woman who is REALLY pissed that her boyfriend packed her camera and tripod doo-hickie. *groan*

iPhone photos it is for a while… we’ll be in the new place by the end of October, so it will be a welcome change of scenery, with many new places to take photos (including my own private patio).

Feeling a little “wild” for a performance of Electra at the Public Theater with some of my fellow Yelpers.

This outfit — consisting of wardrobe items that have spent quite some time in my closet — fit the (play) bill for the theater. That skirt? I owned for nearly four years before FINALLY bringing to the tailor to have it fit properly at my waist.

The result: super comfy style that is fun-meets-classy (yes, I can actually walk 5 blocks in those boots!).

Top: H&M
Skirt: Old Navy
Sweater Shawl (in hand): hand-me-down from my awesome sister (LOVE this cover-up!)
Tights: Gabriel Brothers
Boots: Hmmm… I actually cannot remember. Likely, online (off-brand is “Delicious”)
Necklaces: Claire’s Boutique 

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