I was so excited to get a package on a Sunday afternoon (who knew the USPS delivered on Sundays?!), to look inside to find a box FULL of Teeccino products (and TeeChia, which I haven’t yet tried). While I don’t have a resolution to stop drinking caffeine, I do have reasons for not drinking it throughout the day. That said, because I AM an insomniac — having caffeine in the afternoon is a big no-no — this lends itself to an afternoon slump like no other. I don’t always have the luxury of napping either.

Teeccino is a non-caffeine herbal coffee, perfect for those of you looking to taper off regular coffee or, like me, seeking a mid-afternoon “pick me up.” Mocha and Vanilla Nut are my favorites. Their coffee alternative products contains no caffeine, no preservatives or GMOs or synthetic additives. I prefer the single-serve tee-bags, but Teeccino also makes an all-purpose grind (brews just like coffee).

Why Teeccino products are good for 30-somethings:

  • helps you taper off caffeine
  • prevents insomnia effects that are directly related to drinking too much caffeine
  • no more upset digestion from acidic coffee
  • none of those harmful caffeine effects on fertility and/or pregnant or nursing mothers
  • bye-bye anxiety/stress/high blood pressure/migraines/insomnia/heartburn (oh, the time of your life when your body basically rejects all things you love)
  • extra treat for dessert-loving coffee drinkers

More about Teeccino:
Teeccino has a number of health benefits, including being naturally caffeine free, non-acidic, heart-healthy and good for digestive health. Teeccino provides a natural energy boost, making the non-caf drink perfect for an afternoon pick-up or after-dinner dessert beverage. Also good for morning-only coffee drinkers or people wanting to reduce/eliminate caffeine as part of their daily habits.

Have you heard or tried Teeccino products? Which is your favorite?

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products from Teecino, courtesy of Naturally Savvy, to sample FREE with no compensation in exchange for trying or review. All thoughts and opinions contained herein are my own. See more information on my disclosure page.

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