Weekly Therapy: 40 + 1

the week: I’ve experienced all kinds of weather in Iowa, but this week’s crazy severe storms and tornado warnings had me legit freaking out. I don’t ever want to be in my car during a 70-mph wind storm ever again! I saw a trampoline in a tree, so I’m pretty sure that’s like Iowa Bingo […]

Weekly Therapy: Luck o’ the Irish to you!

the week: Current status: Eating leftover (gluten-free!) wedding cake for breakfast. weekend: So, we made our marriage license official — and celebrated EIGHT YEARS together! ? We found a wonderful lady to come to our home and get our signatures (along with our witnesses), and then will celebrate with some corned beef and cabbage and […]

Every 30-something needs… happy, healthy joints.

Are you a daily supplement user? How do your joints feel during — and after — activity? Research indicates that active people should take glucosamine daily for joint health. I only recently started reading about supplements for my bones and joints because of my severe Vitamin D deficiency and the side effects of such. Glucosamine […]

Weekly Therapy: Is dissatisfaction the direct opposite of satisfaction?

the week: I’m done with this heat and humidity and feeling as though my eyeballs are sweating every time I go outside (and even knowing wtf a dew point is, but know every day that it’s terrible). I miss laying out in my hammock a lot. The cover hasn’t been off the thing since early […]