the week: Ughhhhhhhhh, Monday through Wednesday nights, I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours each night, and getting at least 8 last night was simply amazing. Though I feel much better this morning, I have had a sore throat for a couple days. (Defense Up juice from Evolution Fresh is my jam; in this case, […]

Weekly Therapy: Setting intentions to LISTEN.

the week: Um, guys? I’m so bored! hahahahahah But seriously, my week started off with a confirmed broken pinky (chip fracture). And after a couple days off (and one serious day of pain and crankiness), I feel better. A little emotionally drained but better. I went back to run//yoga Wednesday night too, and aside from […]

Weekly Therapy: “You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

the week: My Capstone project has been focused on burnout in organizations (and its relation to organizational culture and motivation), and thank the Applied Psych Gods that this course/project is only 6 weeks long because I’m sure that I would be experiencing burnout myself. I’m on my last couple days of assignments, with my final […]

Weekly Therapy: Breaking shit and taking names (and calling contractors)

the week: What do you do with transformative thoughts and experiences? Allow them to ruminate for a while until you see what resides — what sticks? Or use them impulsively as a catalyst for changing everything in your life that no longer resonates? I don’t know if this is the rumblings of a mid-life crisis […]

SUNDAY LATELY: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Applauding, Scheduling

Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt is another Sunday Lately post. I spent most of my morning riding a struggle bus hangover (woof). I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Completing: Today’s my last day of Spring Break, and my final semester begins tomorrow. I’ll be taking two courses for the first six weeks, then […]