Weekly Therapy: 10.20.17

the week: Oh, HI! It’s been a few weeks. ? I’m closing out Week 4 of grad school, and as expected, it’s kicking my ass! I’ve finally found a groove with my assignments and reading (so much reading!), but will admit to feeling wholly intimidated by so many brilliant people in my classes. I’m inspired […]

Weekly Therapy: Is dissatisfaction the direct opposite of satisfaction?

the week: I’m done with this heat and humidity and feeling as though my eyeballs are sweating every time I go outside (and even knowing wtf a dew point is, but know every day that it’s terrible). I miss laying out in my hammock a lot. The cover hasn’t been off the thing since early […]

Weekly Therapy: if it ain’t broke… it’s probably ligament damage.

the week: How did this week go by so fast? I had my first follow-up dermatology appointment since my MOHs surgery. Everyone keeps telling me the scar “looks really good!” or “they did a good job!” And why do I still feel, like, HAVE YOU SEEN MY FACE?! I know, I need to get that […]

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Most of us, in our 30s, have SOME kind of sexual experience. But still, a certain anxiety or sexual shyness remains with intimate encounters for some of us. As someone who intends to go into the health and wellness field, I like to talk about women’s personal issues… a lot. Frankly, sex — and its […]