IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #12 (Race Week) and Recovery

I took a break from posting, along with my Recovery week(s). Here’s a quickie wrap-up from my last and final week of training for the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon. Let’s list all the things I did during my Taper Madness: So. Much. Laundry. Meal Planning for an entire workweek Made an extra treat for […]

Training Week 17 — and (quickie) September Wrap-up

This is it. The hard work is done, and I am officially in my taper (hashtag, taper madness). I’ll certainly do a reflection post on my training later on but right now? I’m exhausted. MONDAY Rest Day TUESDAY Had a grad school open house after work, so another Rest Day (and I am seriously on, […]

Weekly Therapy: Running, running. And running, running.

the week: I hit my 30-day countdown point for my marathon training. I also got my first marathon reminder email this week. So… EEEEEEEEEK. weekend: This weekend I’m running the Akron Marathon Relay with a few friends. It’s my first relay, and I’m running leg 3 (the leg with the “hill”), which is 5.5 miles […]

Weekly Therapy: Taper Madness?

the week: To-do notes EVERYWHERE have been saving my sanity this week. I’m finding myself being overwhelmed very easily right now and scheduling my days down to the hour. Taper madness, perhaps? weekend: MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING IN FOR HER BABY SHOWER! Imma be snuggling up to baby belly this weekend. And drinking some […]