Weekly Therapy: No foolin’ here

the week: Short week for me, as I’m off to Texas! Soon as I fit all this stuff in one bag… weekend: I’m doing my first Ragnar race in Luckenbach, TX. And by the time of this posting, I’ll be shoved in a van with 5 strangers who like to run (some, Internet strangers – […]

Why I stopped saying I’m “busy.”

Don’t let the title of this post fool you — I suffer from bouts of social anxiety and can flake on you in a heartbeat if I feel overwhelmed from over-socializing (no offense). But for purposes of this post, I’m talking about this modern-day epidemic of being “busy.” My life the last three (or so) […]

January Success: 30 days of no alcohol for this 30-something!

I cannot wait to kick back and drink a beer with my teammates after practice Thursday — my 30 days without alcohol challenge is complete (yes, that 31st day is a “freebie”). And I earned it! This month has been nothing short of stressful: tryouts for derby and adjusting to subsequent practice schedule, medical issues […]

My first shower: planning awesomeness for a bride

A good friend of mine is getting married in May — a destination wedding in Charlotte that I cannot attend. She asked me to be her Pittsburgh Bridesmaid, however, so that she could have a shower for local friends and family (and in the future, a bachelorette party). I was tasked with planning my first […]