Weekly Therapy: 10.20.17

the week: Oh, HI! It’s been a few weeks. ? I’m closing out Week 4 of grad school, and as expected, it’s kicking my ass! I’ve finally found a groove with my assignments and reading (so much reading!), but will admit to feeling wholly intimidated by so many brilliant people in my classes. I’m inspired […]

Weekly Therapy: 9.15.17

the week: Within the last couple weeks, I’ve had two separate mammograms and an ultrasound, and the doctors saw *something* in my right breast. I had my boob biopsied on Friday, so I’ll know Monday what/how I need to deal with that. Fun Fact: during the procedure, they implant a tiny titanium clip (that happens […]

Weekly Therapy: Running, running. And running, running.

the week: I hit my 30-day countdown point for my marathon training. I also got my first marathon reminder email this week. So… EEEEEEEEEK. weekend: This weekend I’m running the Akron Marathon Relay with a few friends. It’s my first relay, and I’m running leg 3 (the leg with the “hill”), which is 5.5 miles […]

Weekly Therapy: When you take responsibility you ensure your evolution

the week: I’m so exhausted this week, you guys. What’s up with that? weekend: Tonight is the Tar & Feather party at Wigle, followed by Beauty Slap at James Street Gastropub. Saturday, I FINALLY get to see a Steel City Roller Derby game this season. Sunday evening we’re having dinner hosted by some friends in […]

Weekly Therapy: Play to win or play to have fun?

the week: It was a short week for me work-wise having both Monday and Friday off, but I certainly crammed a week’s worth of work into those three days. I feel like next Monday will be unbearably long… weekend: I won’t tire of bragging about my retreat — I am positively elated and looking forward […]

Weekly Therapy: SPORTS and spring and all the things.

the week: Happy First Day of Spring! And Happy International Day of Happiness! And Happy International Macaron Day (freebies at both Jean Marc and Gaby et Jules, by the way). And OMG Gaby et is setting up a location within the new fancy-schmancy grocery store opening in downtown next month). (I’ve had a lot of […]