Weekly Therapy: There is no mastery when it comes to love, there is only humility.

the week: My buddy Glen Hansard spoke those words {see post title} in Pete Holmes’ podcast You Made it Weird. A beautiful sentiment, no? He’s so dreamy. But seriously, I’ve been ruminating on those words for a week. Nonetheless, interesting to think about mastery in terms of love — and not just in loving other […]

Weekly Therapy: short on willpower, long on intentions

the week: Drop/Add. Drop a class, add a class. Drop a run, drop another run… add in feeling really overwhelmed. Order from the gluten-free menu, add all the nightshades (and enjoy every bite of intoxicatingly-hot pickled pepper and spicy sausage). Back to that theme of balance… Ahem. I have been really enjoying my new routine […]

Weekly Therapy: stop picking on me!

the week: Five days straight of roller derby. Whew. I’m exhausted. Oh, and my nose is severely bruised (hopefully not broken, but ouch). Not dealing with that until I’m home from California. I also found myself in tears again in the middle of practice out of total anger and frustration after a drill. Then the […]

Love with Food: now with more purpose

The Thanksgiving Box (aka: Fall Favorites) from Love with Food was curated by Amy Roloff of TLC’s “Little People, Big World.” As always, it’s such an exciting box of goodies to receive on a monthly basis. Each box received, a meal is donated to a hungry child via food banks across America. For November and […]

LoveWithFood: continuing your love of monthly subscription boxes

Group Therapy Time: Let’s talk a little about these monthly subscription boxes. I. Am. Addicted. Monthly beauty boxes. Samplers of nail polishes. A personal stylist who ships me a package of designer clothes so I can “shop” at home. A box full of healthy, organic snacks from small, independent companies. A box full of snacks […]