Weekly Therapy: Hitting the Trails

the week: It felt nice to take a week off from, like, everything. But I got myself some new trail shoes and ready to take on some new adventures this Fall in Iowa. weekend: It’s TRAIL RUNNING SEASON!!! And Saturday is To Grandmother’s House We Go (I’m doing 10k distance). Sunday, our community celebrates Beggar’s […]

Weekly Therapy: What makes something amazing is the possibility that it could destroy you.

I heard this quote on a podcast this week… HOLY SHIT. the week: The biggest news of the week — I got the job! The offer officially came over this week and was announced to our department. The congratulations notes from various coworkers really meant so much, and I’m incredibly happy to have been placed […]

Weekly Therapy: Pressure is a privilege.

the week: I’m having another not-so-great week of feeling REALLY lethargic and exhausted. I’m truly now feeling the pressure (and by extension, stress) to be and do All the Things and the associated downward spiral of thinking (and inaction). I wish I could just stop doing that to myself! I plan to use some of […]

Weekly Therapy: And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should

the week: That subject quote came up in a Timehop post from, like, 7 years ago — and it’s still ever-applicable. Although I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me with all this insomnia and stress. I’ve been having an opposite sleeplessness problem as of late. In the past, I’ve struggled with […]