Weekly Therapy: it’s the holiday season, so whoop-dee-do!

the week: Is it odd that, last Friday, for the first in the longest of times that I felt “pretty”? Maybe it was just my new eye makeup, or that the boyfriend and I had a really good date night, or maybe-just-maybe I am finally coming out of this stupid depressive, apathetic hole. I’m getting […]

Weekly Therapy: this is Halloween

the week: Halloween always used to be one of my favorite holidays, but not so much in the last few years. I did throw a DIY costume (old school diner waitress) together for work since we were given approval to dress up — and I’ll do anything to get out of my uniform for a […]

Positively Awesome Cleveland Trip: Day Three

Day Three, and the last, in the series of my Positively Awesome trip to Cleveland. Check out day one and day two before reading on. Day Three was a much shorter itinerary than the previous two: breakfast, activity, then released to explore on our own (most of us had to return home; I had to […]

Positively Awesome Cleveland Trip: Day One

There is so much to write about this trip! Catch up on my Cleveland summary post first, then continue along with Day One’s itinerary below. Day One: After checking into the fabulous Holiday Inn Express downtown, we met our “tour director” April for our first meal. By social media poll, Positively Cleveland fans selected Jonathan […]

A 30-something in Cleveland: Positively Awesome Road Trip

Go ahead, get your Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh hangups out of the way. I’ll wait… Like Pittsburgh, Cleveland can get a bad rap sometimes. But they are both two beautiful (former) Rust Belt cities that are often misunderstood. And seriously underrated. I was thrilled to be invited by the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Cleveland to […]

Weekly Therapy: I’m eating very well.

the week: Trying to manage a week where we had something going on every night (dinner with friends, date night dinner, dinner with friends, repeat). It’s Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, so food tends to happen. A lot. We had an incredible meal at Toast! Monday night — the restaurant is showcasing two unique menus this week […]

Weekly Therapy: April!!!!!!

the week: This week, I started my April 30 Challenge to “do something new every day.” The opportunity is there to do some amazing things… but a few things will be kind of ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean, I NEED IDEAS! Won’t you leave some in the comments? Also this week was my annual […]