Weekly Therapy: Loyalty and road trips and early morning alarms

the week: I purchased a lunch bag from eBags a few years ago and was sad when the interior lining started ripping away from the zipper. I finally replaced it a few weeks ago with something new, but strongly disliked its smaller interior capacity (less room for snacks!) and handles that don’t keep the back […]

Weekly Therapy: Hitting the Trails

the week: It felt nice to take a week off from, like, everything. But I got myself some new trail shoes and ready to take on some new adventures this Fall in Iowa. weekend: It’s TRAIL RUNNING SEASON!!! And Saturday is To Grandmother’s House We Go (I’m doing 10k distance). Sunday, our community celebrates Beggar’s […]

Weekly Therapy: 9-02 Oh, hey. It’s September!

the week: LADIES. I went shopping at Target for new underwear because it was time, and I bought 9 pairs — various prints, but staying with the briefs and boy-leg cuts; Target has a new women’s underwear brand (since I shopped last) and bonus: 5 pairs for $20 (don’t remind me that I bought 9 […]

Weekly Therapy: Olympics Edition!

Spurred by a (kinda depressing) article about the Olympics last week, I wanted to keep in the Olympics spirit for this week’s post. the week: The live Olympics stream has basically been a constant throughout the house this week. Even in the background, I find myself looking up and being completely mesmerized by all.things.sports. Especially […]

Weekly Therapy: Brevity is the soul of wit.

the week: I had one of the most inspiring and empowering experiences at work this week — invited by a coworker to a women’s networking event, which was lead by an incredible speaker (a senior executive at my workplace). The event encouraged these feelings of female camaraderie that I’ve never had at ANY of my […]

Weekly Therapy: “There’s a huge difference between losing and being a loser”

the week: It’s time to make the introductory rounds of new doctors in Iowa – I had my dentist appointment this week, and I get to meet my new PCP on Monday (morning. At 7am. WTF was I thinking?!). From that appointment, I need to get referrals for a new gyno, a new dermatologist for […]