Race Recap: Rockin’ Chocolate Half Marathon (Madison, WI)

Driving (the LONG way) out to run the inaugural Rockin’ Chocolate Half Marathon race was my first time in Wisconsin. I’ve crossed so many new states off my list since moving to Iowa! This was first of a double-header half weekend over Labor Day with my friend Chelsea (Pittsburgh City Girl) – who is on […]

My Race Calendar for 2nd Half of 2017 + Mid-Year Check-in

Today seemed like the perfect day to reflect a bit on the first half of the year (thanks, Holiday PTO!). I’ve got my tracking spreadsheet updated from January-June, and my training plan set for my first Ultra race (more on that in another post). Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far: I participated in my first […]

Race Recap: Heartland Half Marathon

So, I ran a half marathon to train for my half marathon, and to do that, I drove to Omaha for a little running adventure. The closest long-distance race to me was in Nebraska for my 14-miler, and it seems like every runner that I know in Iowa is already tapering (*gulp*). The Heartland Marathon […]

Weekly Therapy: Seriously, these sunrises and sunsets never get old!

the week: After a week of bad shoe rubbing and heel AND toe blisters from work shoes (FLATS, no less), I am COMMITTED to only buying and wearing shoes that feel good. In two different orders, I purchased seven — yes, SEVEN (two different orders, aka: post-work breakdowns) — pairs of “comfort brand shoes” from […]

Midwest Nice and Living in Suburbia (aka: Midwest is Best)

If you can call Cleveland the Midwest, then I am from the Midwest. I always thought “The Cleve” felt different than the actual Midwest (where I’m living now) — like some amalgam of the casualness of the mid-States with the constant grumpiness of the East Coast. Pittsburgh wasn’t quite the East Coast and definitely not […]