My Race Calendar for 2nd Half of 2017 + Mid-Year Check-in

Today seemed like the perfect day to reflect a bit on the first half of the year (thanks, Holiday PTO!). I’ve got my tracking spreadsheet updated from January-June, and my training plan set for my first Ultra race (more on that in another post). Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far: I participated in my first […]

Race Recap: Heartland Half Marathon

So, I ran a half marathon to train for my half marathon, and to do that, I drove to Omaha for a little running adventure. The closest long-distance race to me was in Nebraska for my 14-miler, and it seems like every runner that I know in Iowa is already tapering (*gulp*). The Heartland Marathon […]

Weekly Therapy: Seriously, these sunrises and sunsets never get old!

the week: After a week of bad shoe rubbing and heel AND toe blisters from work shoes (FLATS, no less), I am COMMITTED to only buying and wearing shoes that feel good. In two different orders, I purchased seven — yes, SEVEN (two different orders, aka: post-work breakdowns) — pairs of “comfort brand shoes” from […]

Midwest Nice and Living in Suburbia (aka: Midwest is Best)

If you can call Cleveland the Midwest, then I am from the Midwest. I always thought “The Cleve” felt different than the actual Midwest (where I’m living now) — like some amalgam of the casualness of the mid-States with the constant grumpiness of the East Coast. Pittsburgh wasn’t quite the East Coast and definitely not […]