Weekly Therapy: So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehn. Goodbye, Pittsburgh.

the week: Lots of “lasts” in Pittsburgh this week — last spin class at the Y with my girl Kylee, last run//yoga//run//club at Urban Elements with my tribe, last drink at the Pub (and my favorite salad in this city), last run through the Point (but definitely not the last cry), last massage (I’ve been […]

Weekly Therapy: DONUT YOU LOVE ME?!

Donuts, man. #gimme the week: I’m seriously breaking out ALL over my face and scalp this week. WHAT IN THE WORLD. A couple weeks ago made sense when I was PMS’ing, but this is simply ridiculous. I haven’t changed my cleansing routine nor am I using any new products. Hormones? Maybe stress-induced? Frustrating! weekend: THREE […]

Congratulations, Graduate!

This past weekend was special. My family joined me to celebrate my accomplishment of (finally!) completing my bachelor’s degree. I traveled to the commencement ceremony in Columbus, Ohio because it was important that I acknowledge this achievement in-person. I really wanted the opportunity to savor it — to meet my classmates and those who I […]

Weekly Therapy: The same… but different.

the week: Every day my boyfriend asks me what I’m going to do with my evening. For the last two years, my “free time” consisted of my head in a book or laptop and hours spent on homework. More often than not my answer these days is somewhere between “nothing” and “everything.” I feel like […]

Weekly Therapy: Breaking shit and taking names (and calling contractors)

the week: What do you do with transformative thoughts and experiences? Allow them to ruminate for a while until you see what resides — what sticks? Or use them impulsively as a catalyst for changing everything in your life that no longer resonates? I don’t know if this is the rumblings of a mid-life crisis […]

Current Struggles

Today’s post is part of Blogger, May I?, with today’s prompt being Current Struggles. I am no stranger to the struggle bus. Lately — while I’ve come to terms with my age — it’s weighted with the message of “I’m too old for this shit.” How do you tell someone you care about that you’ve […]

SUNDAY LATELY: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Applauding, Scheduling

Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt is another Sunday Lately post. I spent most of my morning riding a struggle bus hangover (woof). I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Completing: Today’s my last day of Spring Break, and my final semester begins tomorrow. I’ll be taking two courses for the first six weeks, then […]