Weekly Therapy: 8.11.17

the week: This week I celebrated NINE YEARS since I quit smoking. Pretty proud of that milestone! A post shared by Quitter's Circle® (@quitterscircle) on Jul 8, 2017 at 7:48am PDT Ready to quit? Check out the Quitter’s Circle for resources on quitting AND staying smoke-free — and find the community support you need to […]

Weekly Therapy: It will be cold. You will get dirty. And you will get wet.

the week: I had to give a presentation at work this week and if you know me: I HAD TO GIVE A PRESENTATION. This, coming from someone who had to drop public speaking THREE TIMES in college. Every thing about it scared the crap out of me, but I was given the opportunity and wanted […]

Weekly Therapy: Take the risk or lose the chance

Something about this quote hit me in a good spot this week. I’m feeling feisty. the week: Was this the longest of the long weeks? Maybe because of the impending time change that made it feel so long? It was long. The end. weekend: Half marathon #8 — the Hillbilly Hike in Carlisle, Iowa. I’m […]

Weekly Therapy: Hitting the Trails

the week: It felt nice to take a week off from, like, everything. But I got myself some new trail shoes and ready to take on some new adventures this Fall in Iowa. weekend: It’s TRAIL RUNNING SEASON!!! And Saturday is To Grandmother’s House We Go (I’m doing 10k distance). Sunday, our community celebrates Beggar’s […]

Weekly Therapy: Set Your Intention and Purpose — with everything you do.

the week: Something WAY important that I skipped in last week’s post — my annual skin cancer screening. I got two more biopsies of moles that have changed. One, a super black flat mark on my abdomen that has some irregular edges; the other, one of the god-awful ugly large brown moles that developed over […]

Weekly Therapy: What makes something amazing is the possibility that it could destroy you.

I heard this quote on a podcast this week… HOLY SHIT. the week: The biggest news of the week — I got the job! The offer officially came over this week and was announced to our department. The congratulations notes from various coworkers really meant so much, and I’m incredibly happy to have been placed […]

Race Recap: Madrid Milers Labor Day Run

You know you’re at a small town race when… the parking directions tell you to turn left at the only stoplight in town. And Madrid is a small town race (pronounced MAAA-drid, unlike the city in Spain, if you’re not from Iowa). This was the 38th annual Madrid Milers Labor Day Run. There were three […]

First-timery stuff in Des Moines

So, our official first time in Des Moines was back in mid-Winter, when it was 20-below and our visit was all mostly secret (pending job offers and such). We stayed downtown at the Des Lux Hotel and visited a few of downtown’s restaurants — Centro (great cheese tray for me, but otherwise not a gluten-free […]