Weekly Therapy: Ringing in 2016

the week: Happy New Year, everyone! I’m still working on my goals sheet and resolutions for 2016, so stay tuned. My 30 days of posts kind of took a dump there after Christmas, given my primary goal of completing 52 books before the end of the year. I did it!!! That said, I’m really enjoying […]

Weekly Therapy: a change will do you good is SO cliche, but SO true.

the week: YAY, new hair! No joke, it’s been somewhere between 8-10 months since I’ve had my hair cut OR colored. Embarrassing. Also why you’ve been likely to see me sporting a pony tail for the last 6 months. I needed a new stylist too, and finally… FINALLY I found one that I love! It […]

The fireplace project: a weekend DIY, if you have three months of weekends to spare.

When we started talking about vacation to Costa Rica this year, we knew that a contracted project needed to be culled from our 2013 list. There was not a chance that either of us wanted the task of removing all that dirt and damaged wood from the deck project. Painting a three-story hallway was out […]

Weekend DIY: paint a tray with chalkboard paint

Since I’ve been attempting to control the clutter in my basement — and catch up on unpacking a few boxes stored down there from TWO YEARS AGO — I came across a pair of these breakfast trays that we’ve used, probably, never. BUT they’re in never-used condition, and I needed something to fill That Annoying […]

Weekend Therapy: a new coat of paint

the week: Painting. Every morning at 7am… but the end result is incredible. I can’t wait to share before and after photos. weekend: Meh. Working all weekend. And putting my house back together. seven things, seven days: 1. Speaking of paint and color: Where Men See White, Women See Ecru {from Smithsonian Mag} 2. Finally […]

Don’t freak out…

You know how this conversation starts — or ends, rather. With a FREAK OUT. That was the boyfriend’s conversation to me after work on Sunday: Don’t. Freak. Out. These are the kind of talks one never wants to have in a relationship. Don’t Freak Out. Don’t Get Mad. We Need to Talk. It’s Not You… […]

This photo is a placeholder for my future living room inspiration. Although I intend to have a MUCH larger, all-black mantel put up around the fireplace. In the new place, we have those similar recessed areas around the fireplace, where built-ins were likely there at some point in the house’s history. I intend to put […]