Ultra Training Week #3: The Trails are for Everybody

Training week #3 started off pretty good for me. But a little too much fun at the casino on Friday night left me with a gnarly day-long hangover on Saturday, which meant that there was no way I was getting in my weekly long run. I fared only a little better by Sunday – able […]

Weekly Therapy: April’s Fools and a Legacy of Friendship

the week: An incredibly sad start to the week, with news that a friend whom I’ve known since I was 19, died of cancer on Easter morning. She just turned 40 in December and was diagnosed at Christmas with a rare internal melanoma that was already at advanced stages. It’s heartbreaking, especially because we hadn’t […]

Weekly Therapy: taking care of old business

the week: The background colors and layout here at 30-something Therapy were bothering me for a long time. I contacted a few designers about tweaking the blog, but got some serious sticker shock. I decided to figure it out on my own… So, check out my new site layout — mobile-enhanced now too! And please […]

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week: the celebration continues!

It’s Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! The hangover on this 30-something is a doozy. But there’s still a few days left to celebrate. Sort-of started the celebrations last Saturday with my friend’s bachelorette party, hosting brunch at my house and then attending a Venture Outdoors programs — a hike-meets-beer-tasting (beer from Max’s Allegheny; not an official […]

Weekly Therapy: the travels and tribulations of a 30-something

the week: Driving. Snowstorms. Missing family plans. Paying an extra night for hotel because it was booked for December 25 and not December 26. (seriously). Hangovers. HANGOVERS. Just another holiday trip back to Ohio. While we were “snowed in” during our stay at the lovely Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, we checked out the new casino, […]