Weekly Therapy: Wherever you are, be all there.

the week: Finally got my butt back to spinning (and working out in general)! I’m trying to figure out what my workout schedule should be through December — when I then start training for the Gasparilla race(s) challenge in February 2016. I’m super excited about this destination running event, by the way. I need to […]

Weekly Therapy: Devil’s Night

the week: I started off the week by running a marathon… and, well, I’m just riding that high. Read my race recap for the Niagara Falls International Marathon. weekend: Trick-or-treat in my neighborhood is always the best. And Halloween marks our four-year anniversary of moving into our house. I like to dub this weekend as […]

Weekly Therapy: this is Halloween

the week: Halloween always used to be one of my favorite holidays, but not so much in the last few years. I did throw a DIY costume (old school diner waitress) together for work since we were given approval to dress up — and I’ll do anything to get out of my uniform for a […]

Weekly Therapy: sweater weather (!!!)

the week: The boyfriend’s birthday was yesterday. He was excited about buying a second house for his big day — the vacant property behind us that is currently listed in the treasurer’s sale, to eventually use as a guest suite-slash-investment. I’m still warming up to the idea of taking care of two houses, what with […]

Every 30-something Needs: a Halloween costume!

Because of the storms (but in hindsight, a ill-conceived premonition), Trick-or-treating was postponed to Saturday. I haven’t dressed up in costume for a couple years, but since organizing our basement, I know exactly where ALL OF THE HALLOWEEN things are. I used to be REALLY into Halloween costumes and parties; hence, the box dedicated to […]