Weekly Therapy: Happy Shiny New 2018!

the week: I’m still working on my race schedule for this year… which is a little difficult to complete, as I do not have the confirmed dates for my summer internship (for which I’ll travel to the west coast). My goal focus will be my half marathon PR, and I am still undecided if I […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #12 (Race Week) and Recovery

I took a break from posting, along with my Recovery week(s). Here’s a quickie wrap-up from my last and final week of training for the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon. Let’s list all the things I did during my Taper Madness: So. Much. Laundry. Meal Planning for an entire workweek Made an extra treat for […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #11

EEEEK! I’m less than a week away from the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon! Week #11 of training was part of my “taper time.” And because the Taper Crazies get you when the mileage is down, there is a LOT of time for reflection (and apparently, meal planning, as I’ve been pinning and prepping up […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #10

Little late getting this week’s post out — especially as I was out WAY past my bedtime on Tuesday and still feeling like I’m catching up from traveling over the weekend. YAWN. Thankful for a recovery week! TEN WEEKS went by so quickly. I’m two weeks away from my goal race, and prepared by… running […]

Race Recap: Heartland Half Marathon

So, I ran a half marathon to train for my half marathon, and to do that, I drove to Omaha for a little running adventure. The closest long-distance race to me was in Nebraska for my 14-miler, and it seems like every runner that I know in Iowa is already tapering (*gulp*). The Heartland Marathon […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #9

I can’t believe that I’m 3 weeks away from race day of the Des Moines Half Marathon. I still have one (really long) long run before it’s Taper Time. Now is a great time to reflect on what has been going really, REALLY right this training (consistency, for starters) and really, REALLY wrong (ugh, the […]

Race Recap: Capital Pursuit 10-Mile

The second of my back-to-back 10-mile weekends of this training plan included the Capital Pursuit race. This race is held annually, and is the right distance and timing leading up to the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon. No ifs, ands, buts about it: This race felt AWESOME for me. Though it also made the reality […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #7

I had another week that I cut out my second easy run. While I at least fit in a short circuit workout, the weekend was just too busy. All things considered, I only took one rest day from being active — AND I did something new! — so I am still happy with this training […]

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon: Training Week #6

Woahhhhhh, we’re half way there… halfway through half marathon training. The humidity finally broke this week, and I’m feeling recharged. I still have a LOT of work to do in order to meet my goal for the half, but I’m slowly (POOR WORD CHOICE, MEL!) meeting some of my paces. MONDAY Rest Day — foam […]