Beauty Therapy: derma e skin care products for the gluten-free lifestyle

As I’ve written about here several times, I have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle because of some health issues (still, a couple years later, without a lot of answers but at least staying gluten-free keeps my symptoms in check). I am also conscious about gluten in my beauty products — it’s incredible that I haven’t had […]

Weekly Therapy: short on willpower, long on intentions

the week: Drop/Add. Drop a class, add a class. Drop a run, drop another run… add in feeling really overwhelmed. Order from the gluten-free menu, add all the nightshades (and enjoy every bite of intoxicatingly-hot pickled pepper and spicy sausage). Back to that theme of balance… Ahem. I have been really enjoying my new routine […]

New running goals, new headphones.

I need a workout playlist to keep myself motivated to run (hello Marathon relay training!) and endure through tough uncoached workout sessions (I’m drowning out the guys who won’t leave me alone to my weights and machines, for real). But boy do I have a real problem with earbuds. Forget the ones that come with […]