Weekly Therapy: So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehn. Goodbye, Pittsburgh.

the week: Lots of “lasts” in Pittsburgh this week — last spin class at the Y with my girl Kylee, last run//yoga//run//club at Urban Elements with my tribe, last drink at the Pub (and my favorite salad in this city), last run through the Point (but definitely not the last cry), last massage (I’ve been […]

Weekly Therapy: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

the week: Well, the BIG news of the week is that I MADE TRAVEL TEAM! I’ll be playing for our A/varsity team, The Steel Hurtin’. So excited, you guys! weekend: If you’re in Pittsburgh, this weekend the orchid and tropical bonsai show opens at Phipps’ Conservatory. Visitors can experience this tropical escape starting Saturday through […]

Weekly Therapy: Happy bellies, happy hearts.

the week: I’m giving a lot of gratitude this week: to a holiday-cooked-for-two, and full bellies, and convalescence from this cold that’s been dragging me down all week. I was too sick to run the Turkey Trot this year. And I guess in hindsight, though disappointed, it was the right thing to cancel our travel […]

Weekly Therapy: Play to win or play to have fun?

the week: It was a short week for me work-wise having both Monday and Friday off, but I certainly crammed a week’s worth of work into those three days. I feel like next Monday will be unbearably long… weekend: I won’t tire of bragging about my retreat — I am positively elated and looking forward […]

Weekly Therapy: rock me mama like a wagon wheel

the week: Do you do the unthinkable in the name of fitness? Like, waking up at 5am to go to a 6am Crossfit class? Two sessions in, and I am totally hooked (also, very sore). Also, also? I squatted with a bar for the first time in my life (many squats!). weekend: HOOTIE! Going to […]

Every 30-something needs… some resolutions.

I hate the word “resolutions” just as much as the next 30-something (I mean, it’s like settings up for failure, right?), but I do set some goals for myself for the year. We need goals — something to live for, strive for and accomplish. This is what makes our life worth a damn: purpose. Resolutions. […]