Weekly Therapy: Thoughts after marathon training

the week: Oh, heyyyy! It’s been a few weeks. I finally started introducing runs into my workouts this week, and also getting back into the swing of blogging since my marathon. I also had a wonderful trip back “home” over last weekend to celebrate with family our recent marriage. weekend: We’ve got a formal event […]

Weekly Therapy: 40 + 1

the week: I’ve experienced all kinds of weather in Iowa, but this week’s crazy severe storms and tornado warnings had me legit freaking out. I don’t ever want to be in my car during a 70-mph wind storm ever again! I saw a trampoline in a tree, so I’m pretty sure that’s like Iowa Bingo […]

Vermont City Marathon: Training Week #16

What’s a little “accountability Monday” on Friday? One of these weeks I’ll get back on scheduled (likely, during my taper). Came upon this awesome mural on the backside of Exile Brewing Company during my downtown run. Look, marathon training is not all awesomeness and easy and rainbows and butterflies. Even someone fit and focused and […]

Weekly Therapy: Which way do I go?

the week: Recovering from traveling, returned to my original office building (but in a new space), and roads closed on my usual route leaving my house THROUGH NOVEMBER (ugh). weekend: Another race weekend; this time a road trip to Solon, Iowa for the Hawkeye 25k trail race. Super excited for this one — spoiler alert: […]

Weekly Therapy: 26 Weeks Left in my 30s!

What an unfortunate typo when I first typed out this post subject! Does this mean I have officially accepted being 40? LOL So, yeah… Half-Birthdays and Stuff. the week: Wooooo, four-day work week (still up by 6am today though)! From last week feeling like it was the longest.week.ever.com to this one being a short (albeit, […]

Weekly Therapy: Set Your Intention and Purpose — with everything you do.

the week: Something WAY important that I skipped in last week’s post — my annual skin cancer screening. I got two more biopsies of moles that have changed. One, a super black flat mark on my abdomen that has some irregular edges; the other, one of the god-awful ugly large brown moles that developed over […]

Sunday Lately for this 30-Something:: Week 78

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (lead by Angelica, Meghan, Nicole, and Katy). And the rest of us in the Blogger Tribe are sharing our posts today, too. The prompts for June 26 (Week 78):: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving. Catch up and read all of my […]