Weekly Therapy: Habit wins every time.

the week: My anxiety has been calming, though my concentration factor is nil. So… see you next week! weekend: If you’ve been playing along, you know that I’m running a marathon this weekend. Which I will be pulling along my boyfriend for observation who is also celebrating his birthday. Poor guy/what-a-guy. 52 books in 52 […]

Every 30-something needs: comfortable shoes!

It seems like every year, I’m asking all my fashion and beauty people for good recommendations for shoes — I’m talking comfortable boots for women, appropriate for the 30-something city person who walks everywhere, even in inclement weather (hello, Fall!). Because I am a sucker for comfort above all things. This is where I insert […]

Week(s) of Therapy: take some time for reflection and relaxation

the week: With 3 wins out of 4 games in our Division 1 tournament in Asheville (whew, tough games!), our derby travel season for 2013 comes to a close. Bittersweet, knowing that some skaters won’t be returning next season. This was really an amazing (and long) year of roller derby. So proud to be part […]

April showers bring May credit card bills: rainy day retail therapy

Have you done an audit on your closet yet this season? Spring is a good time to take account of what’s in your closet and what shouldn’t be. Still have items with tags, with the promise “I’ll wear you soon!” GET RID OF IT. I recommend the Poshmark app. For the rest of your wardrobe, […]